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nssc-yuji-kuboChairman's Message
Mr Yuji Kubo, Nippon Steel & Sumikin Stainless Steel Corporation (NSSC), Japan
"I am continuously seeking to broaden the reach of the market development committee by promoting and protecting chrome applications with launching ambitious projects."

Chromium is never used alone, but always as an essential ingredient in other product. The Market Development Committee is aiming at promoting the value and numerous intrinsic properties of chromium and its related markets. Chromium is also well known for being the element enabling steel to be stainless, without chromium there is no stainless steel. Therefore the ICDA has also developed partnership with related Associations to support the sound and sustainable development of stainless steel existing and emerging markets.

The Team Stainless initiative was launched by ICDA in the early 2000s and it is today a dynamic group composed of ISSF, Ni and IMOA gathering 2 to 3 times a year and having already achieved successful projects such as the stainless steel trilogy videos and numerous practical case studies in partnership with the Steel Construction Institute.

The China Stainless Cooperation Promotion Group (CSCPG) was launched by ICDA end of 2013. Its role is to increase the local use of stainless steel in China against competitor products (carbon steel, aluminium, copper...).

Market Development Committee Team


ELG Haniel Trading GmbH (Germany)
Dr. Gerhard Pariser


Glencore (South Africa)
Sven Friedrich

IMFA Group (India)
Jayant Misra
outokumpu-frank-ehrenbergOutokumpu Nirosta GmbH (Germany)
Dr. Frank Ehrenberg


Schmolz-Gerd-OehmSchmolz + Bickenbach AG (Germany)
Gerd Oehm
DavidTELF AG (Switzerland)
David Kramer
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