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Vincent Medupe copie
Regional Chairman's Message
Mr Vincent Medupe, Siyanda Chrome Investments

"Chairing the Southern African HSE Committee is a chance to create continuity in what has been achieved by previous chairpersons who paved the way through their successful realization and it is also a great challenge to develop further initiative and consolidate the vital achievements we have made in the field of health, safety and environment. This committee is the best place for companies to work together as a team towards the same goal: protecting our people and our environment!"


Southern Africa ICDA HSE Team (non exhaustive, regular representatives)

Attie Koekemoer-nbAnglo American (South Africa)

Attie Koekemoer


Glencore (South Africa)
Tommie Hurter

Glencore-Susan-VisserGlencore (South Africa)
Susan Visser


Hernic Ferrochrome (South Africa)
Rentia Engelbrecht

hernic-j-swanepoelHernic Ferrochrome (South Africa)
Johan Swanepoel

Lanxess (South Africa)
Felicity Marais

Rocklin Reed copieOre & Metal Company Limited 
(South Africa)
Rocklin Reed

Heather BooysenSamancor Chrome (South Africa)
Heather Booysen

samancor-bothaSamancor Chrome(South Africa)
John Botha

tharisa-bakerTharisa Minerals (South Africa)
Derek Baker





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