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Regional Chairman's Message
Mr Yuan Daijian, Chongqing Minfeng 
"Creating the regional HSE subcommittee was one of the best decision the ICDA ever took for gaining efficiency over HSE issues. We are now working on local legislation whilst benefiting from ICDA expertise and support. We have achieved more over those last years than in the past, and those achievements are for the benefit of all, every step taken at a local level is also one more step towards global chrome industry HSE success"

China ICDA HSE Team

Chongqing Angruiyue Science and Technology Co., Ltd.
Zhang Xun
hubei-zenhua-Ke-YushengHubei Zhenhua Chemical Co., Ltd.
Ke Yusheng
Mintal Group Chrome Industry Science and Technology Co., Ltd.
Zhang Guoqiang

ore-alloy-Judy-ChenOre Alloy Development Co.,Ltd.
Judy Chen
shanxi-wanyang-Liang Xingwei
Shanxi Wanyang International Trading Co., Ltd.
Liang Xingwei
sichuan-yinhe-Ma-ShunyouSichuan Yinhe Chemical Co., Ltd.
Ma Sunyou
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