HSE Europe & CIS UE
Regional Chairman's Message
Mr Jean-François Chamaly, DCX Chrome-Delachaux
"This group forms the historical committee of the ICDA as it had a very active role in commissioning sound scientific publications for supporting the chrome industry since 1990s and for its role in REACh. In addition to other key topics, the deep knowledge of the legislative background is an asset that we have built over the years"

Europe & CIS ICDA HSE Team

afarak-dirk1Afarak Elektrowerk Weisweiler GmbH (Germany)
Dirk Radermacher
AMG Superalloys UK Limited (United Kingdom)
Eric Wright
dedeman-zafer-erelDedeman Madencilik Sanayi ve Ticaret AS (Turkey)
Zafer Erel

dedeman-husnu-unalDedeman Madencilik Sanayi ve Ticaret AS (Turkey)
Husnu Unal
erg-Alimkhan-YerkhojayevERG Sales AG
Alimkhan Yerkhojayev

Glencore (Netherlands)
Chretien Simons
outokumpu-markkuOutokumpu Chrome Oy (Finland)
Dr Markku Huvinen - Honorary Member

Vargon-PapadopoulosVargön Alloys AB (Sweden)
Annelie Papadopoulos
yildirim-group-oykum-hizYildirim Group / Eti Krom A.S. (Turkey)
Oykum Hiz

eti-krom-yazuvzhan-kayaYildirim Group / Eti Krom A.S. (Turkey)
Yavuzhan Kaya
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