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Today, the importance of preserving primary metals and protecting the environment requires using materials that are easy to recycle. Chrome is one of these. With its partner organisation Team Stainless, the ICDA sponsored the first comprehensive, multi-level study, carried out by Yale University, of stainless steel recycling rates – from raw material to product end-of-life, including all production and manufacturing processes. This in-depth report, by an independent research group, confirms that stainless steel is one of the most recycled metals, with an end-of-life recycling rate of around 70%.

Health, Safety & Environment


The ICDA encourages a greener and safer industry. It has participated in a Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) / Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) analysis and supports best practices for lowering CO2 emissions. The ICDA stays abreast of all relevant environmental legislation and assists emerging markets with local issues. It furthers communication on safety, the ethical treatment of employees and site rehabilitation.


The ICDA succeeded in establishing three REACH Consortia covering Chrome Metal, Ferro Alloys and Chrome Chemicals. The World Chromium Industry provides support and expertise to ensure that chromium-containing products fully comply with REACH legislation.

Market Development

RecyclabilityThe ICDA participated in a development tool for engineers and architects, in partnership with the Steel Construction Institute (SCI). A series of case studies on the use of stainless steel in building and construction has been published and an online Information Centre for stainless steel in construction created (www.stainless construction.com).

The ICDA and the International Stainless Steel Forum (ISSF) have developed new end-use markets with the Ferritic Project – a specific chromium and stainless steel partnership. The results were The Ferritic Solution (a global brochure on ferritic stainless steel) and five brochures on ferritic applications: Building Interiors, Commercial Food Equipment, the Freight Industry, Solar Water Heaters and the Sugar Industry.

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