Health, Safety and Environment Overview
Chairman's message
Dr Yuha Ylimaunu, Outokumpu, Finland
"Since taking over the HSE chairmanship two years ago, we are now reaping he first rewards of the regional split initiated by my predecessor and of the continuous efforts from committee members and the ICDA. Our strategy is to stick to the fundamentals for Health, Safety and Environment by promoting best practices, raising awareness, providing scientific responses and supporting positive and sustainable actions. HSE activities are a main ICDA driver and will be in the long run"
Missions and Activities of the ICDA HSE Committee
The HSE committee exists to translate the expectations and accountabilities that arise from the health and environmental drivers into appropriate collective action by the chromium industry: sound health, safety and environmental performance is seen as a critical success factor; society increasingly demands information on products safety covering all stages of their life cycle. 
Committee philosophy is straight forward as some risks to health and the environment may potentially exist at all stages of production and use of chromium-containing products;
- we must carry out assessments to identify and understand these risks;
- we must undertake voluntary risk management action if unacceptable risk is identified;
- we must demonstrate to stakeholders that risks associated with our activities are manageable and are managed effectively.
A key activity of the Committee is to promote best practice via regular specific publications covering all these crucial aspects and enabling companies to learn on best practices and international legislations. Industry position statements are available including a brief summary of the health effects of different chromium species, chromium in cement, chromium and leather and chromium in food supplements.
Chromium HSE publications represent a series of technical articles on relevant subjects prepared by authors prominent in the appropriate field.

The composition and activities of the Committee have evolved significantly since its first meeting in 1990. Currently they are 4 Subcommittees per relevant geographic area and the overall HSE activity is chaired by Dr Juha Ylimaunu, Outokumpu, Finland.
European HSE sub-committee chaired by Jean-François Chamaly, DCX-Chrome
Southern African HSE sub-committee chaired by Derek Baker, Tharisa
Indian HSE sub-committee chaired by Dhanajaya Senapati, IMFA
Chinese HSE sub-committee chaired by Yuan Daijian, Chongqing Minfeng
The groups include specialists in occupational health and safety, epidemiology, industrial hygiene, environmental matters and toxicology with backgrounds in academia and the chemicals and metallurgical sectors of the chromium industry.
These sub-committees gather at least twice a year to discuss and implement projects related to specific regulations and issues in the concerned geographic area, the result is more efficiency and relevance for our industry.
Subcommittee chairmen report twice a year on progress done and achievements for the chrome industry to HSE Chairperson, Juha Ylimaunu.

Health, Safety and Environment




Regional Groups





ICDA HSE essential points:


Promoting and encouraging best practices for Health, Safety and Environment


Supporting local Members in implementing HSE strategies and provide guidance


Watching regulatory issues and defending the interests of the chrome industry by providing adequate response and support


Encouraging both knowledge and experience sharing


Monitoring regularly the chrome industry HSE performance


Ensuring the chrome industry is ahead of all HSE issues


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