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The Ferritic Solutionvideo1
The Ferritic Solution provides an overview of the properties of ferritic stainless steels, the advantages of using them and the applications where they can be used. The Ferritic Solution is a crucial reference document for stainless steel users, specifiers and producers.
Best practice in cleaning and disinfecting stainless steel commercial food equipmentvideo2
This video introduces the best practices in cleaning and disifecting stainless steel commercial food equipment. There are 7 examples: shiny items, work surfaces, fridge, oven, cooking top, fryer, floor.
Stainless Steel - Alloyed for lasting valuevideo3
An entertaining explanation of what stainless steels are - iron-chromium alloys, whose range of applications can be extended by adding further elements like nickel or molybdenum.

Stainless Steel - Self repairing for lasting valuevideo4bis
In under 4 minutes, this video shows stainless steel as a champion of recycling, with around 90% of end-of-life stainless steel being collected and recycled into new stainless steel - without loss of quality. Durability and recyclability are two of the key contributions which stainless steel makes to sustainability.
Stainless Steel - Recycled for lasting valuevideo5
An entertaining, easy-to understand explanation of the phenomenon of passivation, which is the reason for the corrosion resistance properties of stainless steel.



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