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tharisa-minerals-greg-taurogChairman's Message
Mr Greg Taurog, Tharisa Minerals (Pty) Ltd., South Africa

Market Intelligence Committee Team

ali-vishajALBCHROME Shpk (Albania)
Ali Vishaj
erg-Andrey-SeliverstovERG, Russia
Andrey Seliverstov
imfa-Manikonda-VenkateshIndian Metals & Ferro Alloys Ltd. (IMFA), India
Manikonda Venkatesh
Mintal-Jonathan-QiuMintal Group Chrome Industry Science and Technology Co., Ltd. (China)
Jonathan Qiu
TELF-Ivan-RudenkoTELF AG (Switzerland)
Ivan Rudenko
ravi-prakashTata Steel Limited (India)
Ravi Prakash
yildirim-group-eti-krom-gorkem-kavcakYildirim Group / Eti Krom A.S. (Turkey)
Gorkem Kavcak
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